Hamilton Everest


The pictures that follow were taken from work done on a Hamilton Pacer and Victor. I will show some of the broken parts, and describe a portion of that parts function.

500 Contact & Trip Wires
A common problem with the Hamilton 500 Electric is that the contact and trip springs are broken or out of adjustment. The contact spring is the upper spring and the trip spring is the lower spring. The length of the trip spring is shorter. The trip jewel "b" (see below) touches the trip spring in its oscillation. The trip spring then either pulls the contact wire into contact with the gold tab "a" (see below) or it pushes the contact out of the way of the gold tab. This push-and-pull happens on each rotation of the balance wheel. The parts that these wires touch or that touch these wires, the trip jewel and gold tab, are located on the Balance Assembly.
Balance Assembly

The hairspring was removed for this picture. It rests above the gold tab "a" and trip jewel "b". Notice that the gold tab "a" has a small black indention in it. This spot is the place where the contact button (see above) of the contact spring has has made contact with the gold tab. Current passes through the coil winding when the contact wire touches the gold tab. This contact creates a temporary magnetic field. The polarity of that field acts against the permanet magnets to kick the balance wheel around to be pulled back-and-and-forth in its oscillation by the hairspring. The gear train is driven by the Index Jewel Pin "g"(see below) of the balance staff.

This is the complete balance: 

     a. Gold Tab
     b. Trip Jewel
     c. Balance Staff Pivot
     d. Coil 
     e. Actuating Pin
     f. Finger Block
     g. Index Jewel Pin
     h. Collar


Hairsprings are known to get distorted. This may have happened because the upper shunt bridge was turned the wrong direction. Its forked points are protruding into the area of the hairspring. It is common to find this part turned the wrong way.

Balance Pivots

Both the upper and lower pivots of this balance staff were ground down to stubs. This shows that the watch was worn and used over a number of years. The wear would have been prevented by having the watch regularly serviced. The balance is unusable.

Restored Watch

The final results: a better looking, non- working watch that was missing parts, is now keeping great time. It is now a watch for the owner to wear and enjoy.